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We are an IDEA design house, mostly in the embedded computer space, to help you

“Touch” your envisioned product idea …

…by creating a product plan and fabricating a functional, working,

“proof-of-concept” model .


This “model” may be used to demonstrate your idea, when seeking investment

capital to further develop your product IDEA.  Or to start manufacturing or

show your friends.


However, we also design other ‘non-computer’ products.


We bring in the required talent for a specific need.  This keeps our overhead low

and enables us to customize a team as needed.


We only initiate discussions, after an NDA is signed by all parties, in order

to protect your idea or invention, if you do not already have a patent or

patent pending.


Call  today.  I’m the Pres, Tap (Tapio) Vahamaki

at (858) 722-1963


Touch Your Idea™


12463 Rancho Bernardo Rd #220

San Diego, CA 92128



Sample of a product that was prototyped:

Environmental Temperature Control System


(custom computer hardware and LCD touch panel)

CLICK on photo for a more detailed description



** Information on other products developed are available on request **

They include:


-         automotive payment monitoring device

-         disposable shipping sensors

-         wireless reminder device

-         truck alarm systems

-         (and others)


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